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Studio Name: Anastasia Pierce Productions
Release Date: August 22, 2017
Genres: BDSMFetishGirl/GirlLeather/LatexParodyUniforms
UPC: 8-55305 00188-3
Item Number: APP086

Angela SommersKendra JamesSaharra HuxlyVeruca James


3 stories of Super Heroine Fetish Parodies. With classic characters center stage. All those stories include Girl-girl, Bondage and Fetish scenarios with great storylines and some very sexual comix fantasies, Batwoman is portrayed in an XXX parody for the first time.

Story 1 - Batwoman and Calidora starring Angela Sommers and Kendra James Batwoman has gone to the castle Alnwick to investigate a recent break in. As she looks around, a dark mysterious figure creeps up behind and over powers her with some kind of debilitating rag. Calidora (the rogue Queen of the Vampires) has also been alerted by the break in too. She enters the dungeon to find Batwoman knocked out on the ground. As she goes to help the hero she too is taken out by the mysterious man in black. The two heroes awaken to see that they are both securely bound, Batwoman with her hands far away from her handy utility belt and Calidora bound by a silver chain. Frustrated and lacking her blood thirst calming injections, Calidora reverts back to her vampire instinct and breaks her chains. Eyes red with hunger she goes after the Batwoman. Still having a trick or two under her sleeve Batwoman is able to activate her UV flash which is powerful enough to snap Calidora back to reality. Calidora frees Batwoman and they start to plan their payback on the man in black, but he has his own ideas. The dark voice informs the two of the implants that have been attached to the libido controlling portion of their brains and that soon they will be nothing but his super hero sex slaves, but first he must see how much control he has.

Story 2 - Batwoman and the Beast starring Kendra James and Saharra Huxly Batwoman has stumbled upon some kind of secret lair. She suspects this is where the Commissioner's missing daughter is being held. The Scarlet Bat comes face to face with the legendary Goliath known only as The Beast. The gargantuan woman laughs and taunts the heroic detective. Begging the much smaller hero to give it her best shot. Batwoman is not one to walk away from a fights and tries to chop down the lumbering monster using her fighting skills. Alas, she is no match for the mountain of muscle and the Beast scoops up the Batwoman as if she was a rag doll. Valiantly Batwoman tries to defend herself, but despite her training and skill the Beast quickly over powers her. The giant viscously grabs her prey and spins her around until the heroic bat can take no more. Batwoman wakes up to find she has been stripped, but that is just the beginning of the orgasmic humiliation the Beast is going to dish out to Batwoman!

Story 3 - Batwoman and The Huntress starring Kendra James and Veruca James The Huntress is on the trail of that ravenous weed known as Poison Ivy. The hero has finally found Ivy's hide out and she knows she is close, but unfortunately for her Ivy is still a step ahead. The diabolical weed locks the vigilante in a room which quickly fills with some kind of neurotixic concoction rendering the heroine helpless. Batwoman is also on the hunt for Poison Ivy when she comes upon her friend the Huntress splayed out on the floor. She rushes to her friend's side to give the groggy hero aid. Both of the heroes are now trapped in Ivy's dungeon, but this shouldn't be that hard for two of the best detectives in the city. If they work together. Unfortunately Ivy's poisonous serum is a powerful mind altering venom, brain washing Huntress and causing her to go after the detective. As Batwoman tries to figure out how to get free, The Huntress is conspring to take her friend out. Batwoman is blindsided by the Huntress attack. Despite a valiant effort, the Batwoman slips up in her effort not to hurt her friend and goes down easy. This is a mistake and the Huntress is able to contaminate the Batwoman with Poison Ivy's mind altering serum. When the Red Knight awakens, she is greeted by her calm comrade the Huntress along with the uncontrollable urge to rip off her clothes and fuck her eager friend The Huntress.

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