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Elder Esplin 1

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Studio Name: Mormon Boyz
Release Date: December 19, 2017
Genres: Athletes/JocksBarebackBig DicksDaddy & TwinkDaddy/DILFFeatureGayParodyTeenThreesomeTwinkUniforms
UPC: 8-95152 04230-1
Item Number: MBZ010

Elder DobrovnikElder EsplinPresident BallardPresident Oaks


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Elder Esplin is everything one would expect of a Zone Leader: respectful, attentive, dutiful. Not only that, he's blessed with killer good looks, and a tight firm body. He seems to only have one problem: a few months into his mission he found himself questioning the teachings of the church.

He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but felt like something was missing. This was further complicated by his intensely repressed sexual urges. Luckily for him, his companion shared with him the secrets of the Order, and he’s found something he could believe in.

1. Brother’s Oath (161005_mbz_05) Elder Esplin has had a harder time than most adjusting to his mission. Nothing about the church’s doctrines ever felt right. And after a P-Day with some internet access, he found a lot of information that made him question his faith further. The Order has intentions for the handsome boy, and his companion, Elder Dobrovnik, has been tasked with make sure he doesn’t go further astray.

2. Person Priesthood Interview (161005_mbz_07) After his exciting encounter with his companion, Elder Esplin was told about the Order their desires to bring him into the secret organization. Esplin was still skeptical, but he couldn’t turn down the chance to see what it was all about. When he was called to the temple, he wasn’t sure what to expect, but was determined to find out.

3. The Calling (161004_mbz_08) Following Elder Esplin’s meeting President Oaks, he still had a number of questions. President Oaks informed him that he was a member of the secret Order. He had been sent to take stock of the young man and to determine if he was worthy of entry into the priesthood. The sexy man sent him to meet with President Ballard to receive his calling.

4. Atonement (161005_mbz_01) Despite his hot encounter with Ballard, Elder Esplin could not reconcile his doubts about the church. He still felt everything he’d been raised to believe was a lie. President Oaks could see this in his eyes and knew he needed special guidance. He called the frustrated boy back to the temple to teach him the joy of full obedience.

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