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Studio Name: Ridley Dovarez
Directed By: Ridley Dovarez
Release Date: February 20, 2018
Running Time: 80 minutes
Genres: Athletes/JocksBarebackGayTattoosTrailer Available
UPC: 3-700827 701506
Item Number: RDZ002

Gabe ChapersNicol'AssNils AngelsonPaul BurningShawn KronerThiago Monte


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Made in France

A devil guy fucks a little angel face - Angelik - Scene 1

Nils (Nils Angelson) is a fallen angel who enjoys the pleasures of his earthly life. He is part of a community of angels also exiled on earth for having committed the sin of lust and especially that of sex. Although exiled, they retain some power such as communicating among themselves by telepathy to exchange their trophy. But the strongest of their power, their ability to seduce and charm with a simple glance or a simple touch any one of the boys they meet. The young Nico (Nico Ass) is subjugated by the fatal beauty of his angel and will give body and soul to the latter. He will start by sucking it long and delicately before offering him his wet hole to taste, because it is from there that the angels draw their vital strength from the anus wriggling of the young males they enchant. Nils, powerful and proud, will climb his young lover like a mare in heat before rewarding her angelic seed.

Gabe's ass to the rescue - Angelik- Scene 2

Gift of a fallen angel to another, Thiago recovers in a finger turn the young Gabe from the depths of hell for the greatest pleasure of the perverse tail of Thiago. The hypnotic powers of Thiago take over and force the young Gabe to devote himself entirely to the satisfaction of the angel. On his knees, his mouth wide open, he begins to take care of this dolly cock before our celestial being draws force at the source of the wet hole of Gabe. Once found tight moistened and dilated, Thiago will be able to give it to heart joy with an infernal ride for the ass quasi virgin of its lover.

Angelik- Scene 3- Paul's magic cock

Welcome to the waiting room of the angels summoned for their next mission on earth. Attention the wait can be very long and what better to spend the time than to make a good plan Q. A snap and Gabe and Paul are ready to take action. One begins with a long languorous kiss before Paul does her tongue in the ass freshly shaved Gabe who moans with pleasure. A deep throat later to test Gabe's angelic vocal cords and it's gone for a good manly fuck with great kidney blows well felt. Who said that angels do not have sex? Surely not Gabe Chapers who is going to be swept by Paul Burning.

Perverted by his young disciple - Angelik - Scene 4

Nils Angelson has more than one trick in his bag. A vibration brings out a beautiful lover Shawn Kroner who, in her first exclusive scene, will once again have only eyes for the beautiful Nils. Loving fingers, puffing and moistening of the anus, magic protrusions and a facial cumshot of a good jelly of a pure white scarlet.

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