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Young Rough Trade Secret Sex Tapes

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Studio Name: Raunchy Bastards
Directed By: Shane Aaron
Release Date: May 30, 2018
Running Time: 162 minutes
Genres: BarebackDaddy & TwinkGayRealityTrailer Available
UPC: 0-742309 025406
Item Number: RBS021

Adam LeeAsh McCoyClayDanny LucaGibsonRandy Vigilante


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"For one reason or another, all these young, unemployed rough trade types end up in the bed of an old perv. They aren't trying to make some side money to put into their 401Ks, either. Typically it's an emergency. Sure, there might be a handful of savvy rentboys out there, paying their rent and tuition bills. But those guys are usually jaded, and those high class hookers definitely won't let anyone bareback them, let alone cum in their ass. And I probably wouldn't want to do that with them anyhow, to tell you the truth. These deplorable types, on the other hand, as long as they have their short term need fulfilled and nobody ever finds out - they will let you do almost anything to them, and smile when it's over. I suppose they can just block it out of their minds that they have just been used as human sperm rags once you've stuffed a couple of benjies in their hands. A lot of them are virgins (they are definitely the most fun because they are tight as can be!), but some of them have just learned over time that when they need a new transmission, or a fix, that they just need to put up with a cock in their ass for twenty minutes. I'm lucky they oblige!

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