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Street Boyz 3 Les Bonhommes 3

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Studio Name: Citebeur
Release Date: May 30, 2018
Running Time: 125 minutes
Genres: GayLatino
UPC: 3-700827 701131
Item Number: CIT009

AnsarAxel LorentzCagoule94Cohen ByronFabio TBMJo DelightLakdarMarkizarTiziano


Ready for a third round? Ready for a full dose of testosterone filled action? You're about to enter "Badass Boyz 3", a place that stinks of cock and ass. Axel Lorentz, Jo, Ansar and Cohen Byron are confronted to vicious fuckers and have no chance to escape their destiny. They are just a bunch of cock-suckers, there to be used by real rough fuckers like Lakdar, Tiziano, Cagoule 94 and Makizar. Once you start playing with them, there's no way back...You'll end up totally fucked!

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