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Daddy's Fuck Bed

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Studio Name: Big Daddy's Big Media
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Genres: Athletes/JocksBarebackDaddy/DILFTattoos
UPC: 8-95152 05195-2
Item Number: BDM07

Bishop AngusChip YoungDJJackson ReedRiley MitchelScott RileySean Knight


Intro: Daddy and his 4 boy toys move into a new house for the summer. Daddy tasks his boys to get the bed built by the end of the day so he can fuck them on it when he gets home later that evening. Not surprisingly it takes 4 boy toys to get it one because for some reason they keep getting interrupted by hot big dicked dudes! Scene 1: Riley Mitchel and his bro Scott Riley start the task of making Daddy’s fuck bed, but Scott takes advantage of his blond roots and disappears to the pool and leaves Riley to do the bed himself. Riley being the butch one doesn’t mind but gets interrupted by a phone call from Brian Bonds. Brian heard he was in town and wants to come over and help but of course when he arrives his pants falls off and he falls into Riley’s slut hole and starts pounding him deep. Riley knows he should be working on the bed but taking raw cock feels so good he lets Brian do what he wants and dump Scene 2: Scott comes back from the pool only to find Riley is gone and Daddy’s Fuck bed has hardly been started. But Scott is a little blond boy with a big ass and he does his best to continue making the bed. The phone rings and there is a delivery man coming with some boxes. Scott lets the hot muscled hairy Daddy, Bishop Angus, in and asks him to take the boxes upstairs for him. When he does Bishop inquires as to what he is doing. Scott tells him he has to finish this fuck bed and when he bends over to work on the bed Bishop notices that big ass and has other intentions – like barebacking and breeding that big ass. Scott figures he has earned the load so lets the delivery man take what he wants. Scene 3: When Chip Young and Jackson Reed come back from shopping, they find that Daddy’s Fuck Bed is still not finished. Jackson wants to go lay by the pool, so he leaves Chip to continue working on the bed. He no sooner gets started and someone rings the doorbell. It’s his neighbor, Sean Knight, bringing over an apple pie and welcoming him to the neighborhood. Chip likes what he sees so he invites him to the loft, so Sean can help him build Daddy’s Fuck Bed. But as soon as Chip bends over and reveals his huge phat ass, Sean takes the opportunity to shove his face in there and get it all nice and wet. Chip of course bends over further so Sean can no longer stand it and give him some of that raw cock up his ass. Scene 4: Jackson Reed heads to the loft after an afternoon by the pool only to find none of the other boys are around and the bed is still not finished. So he gets to work and he wants to be Daddy’s favorite and get the bed done. But he gets a call from Daddy’s Marine buddy DJ who is just checking in with him. Jackson asks him to come over and help him finish the bed knowing full well that DJ has a big fucking dick. DJ does come over and they get Daddy’s Fuck Bed finished but Jackson wants to pay DJ so he offers up his slut hole to be used and seeded.

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