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Carnival In Venice

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Studio Name: Cadinot
Directed By: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Release Date: January 9, 2019
Running Time: 90 mins
Genres: BarebackPre-condom ClassicTwink
UPC: 3-760137 291302
Item Number: CAD009

Anton PirasAntonella ContiniBenjamin FontenayCarla Da CinoDamiano MartiniDjai KamaraFrancois ChatelainFrederic LeMaireGerard NemourGiovani MoranoGiuseppe VelliMarie-Helene ChapelRobert MarsanSydney McKennaYannick Baud


Classic from 1986: The tourists are left with an unforgettable memory of the carnival. The Comedia del Arte is deeply entrenched in the Italian mind. Jokes, misunderstandingsā€¦ everything contributes to the general confusion. The poor become rich, the old become young. Pierrot turns into Columbine. Columbine turns into Pierrot. Everything is possibleā€¦ everything permissible. A French family arrives in the middle of the farce. Escaping his mother's clutches, Julien joins in with the colorful spectacle. What does he seek? Love? Who knows? The actors are immersed in the fairytale. Don Juan sees Puss-in-Boots in Romeo; his friend Silvio is the traitor. The Baron Mosca, Romeo's uncle, leads the ball. Seeing the young French guy's attraction to his nephew, the dirty old baron sees an opportunity to wreck the imminent marriage of his nephew, an alliance which he loathes. Success comes for this Machiavelli when he throws an orgiastic party in his sumptuous palace! A fascinating story of drama and comedy in a wild town. (And you thought you knew everything about Cadinot's style!) Discover Carnival in Venice, a display of surprises and extraordinary marvels. The majesty of the Baron's palace, the magnificence of the costumes. You'll be swept through the venetian streets from local restaurants to eerie crypts, captivated by this elaborate intrigue.

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