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Studio Name: TA Worship
Release Date: July 5, 2023
Running Time: 69 mins
Genres: AlternativeShot In HDToys
UPC: 8-720629 016580
Item Number: TAW006

Miles, Misty, Aiden, Jazmin Foot, Sunshine, Valentina, Autumn & Teddy


Sensual sex has never looked so hot and horny as it does in this stunning offering from TA Worship; featuring a bevy of highly charged sluts as they seek out a very different kind of orgasm to the one that you might normally expect. That’s not to say that genital action isn’t involved – it most certainly is! – but it’s much more to do with hands and feet than your usual cock action. The result is a markedly charged performance from everyone involved, including Misty, Valentina, and the rather appropriately named Jazmin Foot. Traditional sex it isn’t; but if the sight of someone being touched to breaking point gives you the urge, then this is most definitely your kind of entertainment. All in all, a left-field classic that’s not easily forgotten!

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