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Relaxing Foot Praise

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Studio Name: TA Worship
Release Date: November 21, 2023
Running Time: 65 mins
Genres: AlternativeShot In HD
UPC: 8-720629 018904
Item Number: TAW022

Jazmin, Aiden & Delilah


The idea of three girls rolling around on a bed together to enjoy foot play won’t be to everyone’s tastes, of course, but for those who enjoy such things this terrific offering from the folks at TA Worship will hit the mark every time. After all, this trio of gorgeous beauties don’t hold back for a single second, as they make a beeline for those sweet little piggies and give them the kind of sucking that they’re surely all crying out for. Whether the ensuing feet-fest is relaxing (as the title suggests) is open to critique, of course; but what we will say is that we’re sure there’s a whole legion of guys out there who are gonna be more than a little agitated at the ensuing antics. All in all, a must-see for fans of this often overlooked niche!

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